Frequently Asked Questions

What is SanScope?

SanScope is a point-of-care Stethoscope Disinfection Device that decontaminates a healthcare provider’s stethoscope in seconds.


What problem does SanScope solve?

SanScope helps reduce Healthcare-associated Infections (HAIs) by increasing provider compliance. Studies show that nearly 100% of provider stethoscope heads are contaminated with deadly bacteria (MRSA & E. coli) and that up to 45% of physicians have NEVER cleaned their stethoscopes. This combination leads to HAIs, or nosocomial infections, prolonging hospital stays, worsening patient outcomes & affecting hospital safety ratings. Increasing provider compliance with stethoscope disinfection has been proven to decrease HAIs, yet this gap remains unresolved. SanScope can reduce 99.9% of bacteria and >90% of C. diff spores on stethoscope heads.


How do you use SanScope?

A provider will take the head of their stethoscope and depress it into the concave receptacle of SanScope. This will apply our alcohol-based disinfectant solution directly to the stethoscope head. The provider will then swipe the stethoscope head along the Microban® wiping pad. This process should be integrated into current alcohol-based hand hygiene protocols.


What economic need does SanScope address?

SanScope reduces HAIs. Annually, there are approximately 1.7M nosocomial infections which cost the healthcare system between $28.5B and $45B, with an average cost per infection of $15,275. SanScope can help reduce the healthcare burden of these infections.

Additionally, Medicare’s implementation of the Deficit Reduction Act in 2008 penalizes hospitals if Medicare patients acquire HAIs. This penalty directly passes on the cost of HAIs to the hospitals and ACOs. As a result, preventing HAIs has become a priority of all hospitals and major healthcare systems.


Who is the Intended user?

SanScope is meant to be used in all clinical settings (inpatient, outpatient, surgical centers, etc.). The intended patient is anyone exposed to a stethoscope and the intended market is healthcare facilities and healthcare providers who use stethoscopes.