Healthcare associated infections (HAI) are a $35 billion dollar annual cost to the medical industry. Stethoscopes are a known transmission vector for infection, yet they are rarely, if ever, cleaned, with up to 45% of providers having NEVER cleaned their stethoscope.


SanScope is a small, wall-mounted device that provides rapid disinfection of a stethoscope through a combination of mechanical action and chemical disinfection.


A frequently sanitized stethoscope can be disinfected in less than 10 seconds. One HAI can cost a hospital roughly $13,000. SanScope kills 99.9% of the most common germs that cause illness1 and >90% of C. diff spores.2

(1CDC Antimicrobial Spectrum, 2002. 2 Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, 2012, Vol 33, No 1)

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